Why Pod Kits from Suorin Are the Best?

Why Pod Kits from Suorin Are the Best?

Time to switch! Switch from smoking to a considerably less harmful practice-Vaping.

Being pleasurable, vaping takes you on a thrilling roller coaster ride where you can satisfy your nicotine craving, and a fruity flavor will tantalize your taste buds. The devices people use for vaping are called pods. Sourin pods are unbelievably fantastic. The pods are equipped with systems capable of creating bigger, less toxic clouds. These clouds reach your mouth and throat in a calculated amount. Thus, making the pods safe and undeniably cool.

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What Makes Sourin Pods the Best?

The unique features of Suorin pods declare them the best pod kits.

Minimalist Design

The main factors that declare the pod a pass or fail are design, size, and weight. The incredibly minimal design makes the Suorin pod the best pick. The compact pods weigh 72g with dimensions of 32.3mm by 13.7mm by 75mm and are as small as a cigarette lighter. It quickly settles in your hand, making the vaping session private and enjoyable.

Use of Mesh-Coil

Undoubtedly pods are the best replacement for cigarettes, but that is not the sole reason for their sky-rocketing popularity. The flavorsome vapors are the main reason for inclination towards the pods. The Suorin pods are adorned with mesh coil to enhance taste and longevity. This coil creates bigger and fluffier clouds that reach your mouth with a strong impact. The mesh coil ensures the taste enhancement to a level where you can still feel the taste sensationalizing you for days.

PCTG Edible Material

The PCTG material is known for its heat resistance. The amount of thought put into making and designing these pods stuns us. The designer has paid particular attention to minor details. The incorporation of PCTG material protects the mouth against burns while vaping. Elaborately, these efforts escalate your pleasure.

Leak Resistant

Leakage has been observed as a primary concern with many pods. Suorin pods are technically designed to completely climate the leakage chances. A silicone gasket protects the spot where the airflow area connects to the pod body and minimizes flow leakage.

Battery and Charging

A bombastic430mAh battery caged in a tiny body is commendable. Although the pods are the tinniest, their batteries are larger than life. Supporting vaping sessions for 48 hours, these batteries simply outcast other competitors.

You might raise queries on the charging speed. Or, being a layman, we can think how hard it would be for a charger to fill such an impactful battery—- but grace the news! The 1000mA charging current rigorously charges your battery in 30 minutes.

Innovative Designs

Sourin offers you a range of pods to select from. The meticulously designed, sleek, modern, minimal, vibrant, and catchy designs can confuse you as all of them are equally attractive. Some transparent and semitransparent pod bodies laced with LEDs are spectacular.


Grab the perfect device for an excellent vaping session. A poor device can frustrate you instead of letting you have some fun time. Suorin pod kits are the best for not one but many reasons. These pods have a minimal ad modern design. The ideal battery time and charging make them the go-to choice. Other features adorn the pods incredibly. It is because of these flawless features that Suorin pods stand out.