Various Types Of Bathroom Vanities

Various Types Of Bathroom Vanities

As the discerning homeowner, you have a large variety of vanity designs from which to make a choice. Considering that you might end or start your day in front of a bathroom vanity unit, you should pick one that best matches both your tastes and your bathroom aesthetic. Items such as freestanding vanity units do not have to be super stylish or highly expensive. In contrast, bathroom vanity units have to be utilitarian, catering to a majority of each user’s needs. Different owners place more emphasis on bathroom aesthetics and thus pick different vanity unit designs. As an added advantage, you can hire an expert remodeler to help you select an appropriate vanity style. Let’s go through the various types of bathroom vanities. 

A short history of vanity units

In the past, vanity units started as ornate boxes. These units were used to hold all manner of beauty paraphernalia, including exotic oils, and flasks of perfumes, mirrors, and cosmetic jars. This was way back in the 17th century. Aristocrats of mainly European descent were the first to own handmade and beautifully crafted vanity units. The most outstanding design at the time, even in America, was the Chippendale. As vanity units moved into the 19th century, the most prominent designs included revivalist models. In the 20th century, bathroom vanity units eventually came to be associated with money, luxury, and glamor.

Types of vanity units

  • Freestanding vanity

These models feature a combination of a pedestal sink and the classic vanity. This model contains extra space for essential items. The freestanding model sits on the floor while maintaining a vertical position. They’re popular because they are very convenient. A majority of freestanding vanity units are built in a rectangular or square design. Some freestanding models do not contain a cabinet storage space.  For users that like to keep towels or toiletries in these spaces, this design may not be the most practical. Overall, freestanding vanities are the cheapest, most popular, and useful option.

  • Floating vanity unit

This model does not sit on the floor; it hangs on a wall. The floating vanity is especially useful if your bathroom currently looks messy with toiletries scattered everywhere. It is an excellent option for concealing your items from view. What you end up with is a beautiful, modern, showroom look. Floating vanities do not consume a lot of space; they are best for bathrooms that are small in size. However, floating vanities need to be fixed very tightly to the wall to keep them from falling and disintegrating or worse still, destroying your valuables stored inside them.

  • The vanity cabinet

These models of bathroom vanity units rank among the most popular with homeowners. If your bathroom has enough space, vanity cabinets are the right choice. The significant advantage is that the unit can be used as both a vanity and cabinet. In many installations, the mirrors are hung just above the vanity unit. Thus, considering their large size; vanity cabinets give you enough room for shaving or makeup application for those hasty mornings.


Vanities offer convenient spaces for daily morning preparations and evening relaxing brushes. They come in many varieties, including freestanding vanities, vanity cabinets, and floating vanity units. It is crucial to pick a model that matches your tastes, bathroom space, and budget.